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New free steam game review is up! Take a look if you'd like
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Gonna be starting a new subseries on my blog called Cheap as Free Fridays; I want to review the free games I have in my steam library and talk about them.
Hi! I was wondering how you made the draggable stickers in the sticker bank! I've found stuff online for making things drag to specific places, but not anywhere on the page. If you're okay sharing how you did it, thank you! If not, I totally get it
odditycommoddity 5 months ago

OHHH EXCELLENT QUASTION. i will update the f2u code with that, i forgor about it!! for now, feel free to grab the code from the "draggable" class, and the last script on the index page. ive heard sometimes it doesnt work for other people when they yoink it but its been so long that unfortunately i probably wouldn't be any good at trying to troubleshoot it, sorry!!


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