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WoAH it's been a week and I can post things now yeeeehaw.
soups 5 years ago

First thing- this site is in ultra wip mode. I've finished two (2) pages out of five so far, and three pages rely completely on art I make. I want art here to be newer since my old art is... shabby to say the least. Along with that I'll be making webcomics, hopefully.

soups 5 years ago

I'm extremely new to programming- only been learning it this week, so feedback is appreciated!

soups 5 years ago

I'm reeeeeally hoping this'll branch out a tad further once I'm done and start making content so yeah!! I'll probably be posting stories in January or something because Motivation Is Dead. Thanks for following! Didn't expect anyone until I was done kfnjvgn

soups 5 years ago

oh and before i go eat ass smoke grass be gay do crimes thankems

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