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Hello! I just wanted to share that I've made a quilt page (there's actually two different ones on the page but it shouldn't be hard to find yours) and a patch if you want to collect it: . Also, I know you're working on a revamp, but would you like to affiliate when you've got it back up? :D
antikrist 2 years ago

ohhh this is such a great idea, i love it!

mystsaphyr 2 years ago

THIS IS SO CUTE?? I might have to join in and make a patch!

x-squishy-mushroom-x 2 years ago

such a cute idea!!

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sleepysprout 2 years ago

If you're okay with such long absenses from me due to various reasons I'd definitely love to be affiliates with you i u i

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I adore your layout. It's super comforting and calm. When I look at your site, I feel like on a rainy saturday under my blanket. I'm excited for the updates //

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