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hi! I just wanted 2 let u know that I noticed an issue w/ (mostly)the tiny pixels page on ur site! for some reason a large chunk of them seem to be missing? at least for me :( I tried to dm you abt it but I think ur twt dms are closed? if u want to msg me for any reason my twt is @meowmeow_irl! (sorry if u already knew abt this lol, love ur site!)
homuhoard 4 months ago

Oh thank you so much for letting me know !!!! (My twt dms have been weird sry 😭) I havent been on the site lately, so i didnt notice. I dont have access to my laptop rn, but as soon as im done with school i’ll fix it. Tysm again!

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homuhoard 4 months ago

everythigns fixed (hopefully) ! thanks again sooo soso much for letting me know lolol

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swirl 4 months ago

this looks so nice already!! cant wait to see it finished :o

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