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Sorry for nothing today, been busy doing stuff. I do have a Christmas list to write though.
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Daily Floof and End-Of-Day logs are out! Didn't do anything today but I might have some stuff planned for tomorrow.
Today's Daily Floof is out now! Make sure to get subscribed if you aren't already!
Oops, forgot to update the RSS links on the frontpage
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RSS update: Changed the RSS feed from /feeds/msx.xml to feeds/main.xml. Also added archive.xml and test.xml for archiving and testing.
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Screw it, I have an RSS feed now! Go ahead and subscribe at (an RSS reader is needed, I recommend Liferea for Linux and QuiteRSS for WIndows)
skitter 2 years ago

:D subbed!

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Your page is pretty new but it deserved an award. I present to you, the Millie Award!
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skitter 2 years ago

Thank you!!

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