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My IceCast server now has a subdomain! (HTTPS support coming tomorrow)
Not gonna lie, my little radio stream is pretty much a perfect mirror of the songs I like. Go ahead and tune in at!
An announcement is out to those of you subbed to the RSS feed! For those of you who aren't, stay tuned...
Feeling too tired to publish tonight's daily floof and end-of-day log, I'll do that tomorrow
End-of-day log and Daily Floof are out (a day late, sorry about that). Unsure if I've got anything planned for this week.
So much for doing stuff today, once again was busy with other stuff. Daily Floof will be out in a bit tho
End-Of-Day log and Daily Floof are out to those subscribed to the RSS feed! Check out if you aren't already.
Noticed the link to GRSites on your web design page, just letting you know I archived all of their textures:
hekate 2 years ago

Epic, thanks for doing that!

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marshmellosucks 2 years ago

Oh yeah, fun fact: they blocked my IP address after I downloaded every texture. Yet they won't fix their payment gateway...

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marshmellosucks 2 years ago

Oh yeah, I wound up backing up most of their site (except for the fonts and sound effects) but the generators are all busted. Might upload to GitHub or something.

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hekate 2 years ago

that sounds sick, let me know when u do that. I'm thinking of setting up an old graphics archive page so that'll be useful

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