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I also added in a line that will let web browsers such as Pale Moon show an RSS icon in the title bar, this icon will redirect you to the RSS feed. If you want to do this yourself, the line is at
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Daily Millie is up on the Spacehey blog and the RSS feed!
marshmellosucks 10 months ago

Really haven't been sticking to the whole "daily" thing... I really am a forgetful person.

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So uses a Mac now... Picked up a 2013 MacBook Pro for $80 to jailbreak an Apple TV box but that didn't work, so I decided to replace my piece of garbage HP laptop that was running the stream. The HP also had a pretty puffy battery, so that got dealt with.
Gay art is always the best art. Also, I *really* need to redo the pride buttons...
We're home from vacation and so are the cats! The MillieCam page has been updated.
Re-added the Bandscans page to the Radio index after accidentally replacing it with the DX logs. Should link the Spacehey page somewhere...
marshmellosucks 11 months ago

Threw the Spacehey link up on the front page, too lazy to edit all of the pages and I don't have the stuff to recursively download my site on this netbook (can't download as a ZIP for some reason)

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