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hi wrennn your website is so cutieful i love the color scheme and layout so bad... also we're literally twinning i love nct n jjk...
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starlost 2 weeks ago

hiii thank you so much!! :D your website is soo cute, i love throwing tomatoes at satosugu LOL and i love seeing a fellow nct + jjk lover!! :3

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mwiron was updated.
2 weeks ago
your website is sooo cute omg... i love your about me section! i love firefly! happy late birthday ><
WAHHH i'm so obsessed with the patterns and colors on your site... i adoreee the stickers and your art smmm xx
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hmln 3 weeks ago

ah hello! thank you!!! that makes me happy because finding both the patterns and colors was what took me so long wwww thank you thank you so much again!! so happy!! i also have to mention i love the silly section you can throw tomatoes, immediately targetted gojo w .. cute doodle gallery as well!!!

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ummm cuteeee! the shapes are so fun to play around with... def checking out proj gutenberg xx
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we're so back i will update my media page soon!
WAHHH your site is so cutieful !! i love the color scheme smm
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cherrylotus 1 month ago

THANK YOUU i love your site too (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )!! my dopamine levels go bRRR throwing tomatoes at satosugu

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mfhmmmm aughh nhgm mgghhhhh
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ahhh !! love your format fr fr and how clean everything is--- the gojo cope shrine is so real
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mwiron 1 month ago

gojo revival this chapter. i can feel it in my bones (he's cooked gang)

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graphics are so fucking cool.. i'm in love omg
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