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1 year ago
darkrabbithole 1 year ago

It means a lot to me to be added on your page of links, thank you very much!

vdn 1 year ago

Cool beans, I'm there too!

chullum 1 year ago

Thanks for putting me on your links page!

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luficerslounge 1 year ago

thanks man , if you want i jus made a button today , im a noob so u will have to scale it properly in ur code if you choose to use it :p

dude i love ur site ! ur little 88x31 ad button is so sick !
floppyjay 1 year ago

Thank you, your site has some of my favorite gifs (the pentagram skull and the purple skull). The overall design is great, as well as your blog, and horror film taste. I cannot wait for the funhouse to open!

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thanks for the follow :)
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floppyjay 1 year ago

You have a wonderful site, I'm surprised I didn't see it sooner . Thank you too for the followback :)

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