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your site is gay and you should delete it honestly
part 2: 2. My domain, is ending soon so i decided to go back to instead. That should take care of everything. Thanks for reading this page.
since website doesnt work because of domain issues (stupid neoshitties) here's the text from the page: Hello everyone. A couple of stuff i want to get out of the way. 1. I am leaving Neocities. It's not worth it for me to stay here because no one visits my site and i don't want to work on it anymore. I did register a new domain and make a new site, which you can visit here:
fuzz 1 month ago

where do you buy all of these domains? it says your fifthteen years old

yoshi295295 1 month ago

i bought this one on namecheap for 9 dollars. i used my debit card for that.

Info was updated.
1 month ago
Info was updated.
1 month ago
2 things. 1. im seriously running out of ideas so i made another site. 2. i'm making a simpsons dvd extras archival thing and that will be released when i rip all the extras from my dvds. currently i'm on vacation so i can't.

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