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positron832 2 days ago

Nevermind. This was a bad idea.

positron832 2 days ago

Reverted back to a single blog.

Cool stuff!
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ve3zsh 2 months ago

Thanks. :)

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Vad handlar det här om? Datan verkar intressant men jag förstår inte vad det handlar om. Eller så är det jag som borde fatta men inte gör det..
I'm having a hard time deciding what the background should look like. Is the radial gradient background good or too empty? Suggestions by anyone are appreciated :-)
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letslearntogether 2 months ago

The radial background is nice and clean. Personally, I like minimal backgrounds. If it seems too plain, maybe a tile that uses some of the same colors as the text logo? The text logo is awesome. It makes me think of a Mondrian painting with more vibrant colors. Quick and generic example: ...maybe that's a little too wild. Haha!

positron832 2 months ago

Thank you for the suggestion :-D I'm glad you like my logo, and I'm surprised you took the time to even make an example. I think I know what to do now.

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