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finally did the main page, looked better in my head ofc but i had fun making it
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1 year ago
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i finally figured out how to make my front page more organized but not in a strict and overly dry way however i lack the energy and focus these days to make it because im pretty much absorbed in a relapsing point back to my good old restricting ed regime. i dont know should i be posting this here is it even relevant is it gonna be triggering to anyone. well i am.
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i like your site very much, so smooth, good luck building it further!
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pipcaplan 1 year ago

thank you for visiting -- and for the kind words. :)

Nice site! I really like the messy, vibrant psychadelic aesthetic, and I agree with your point about the radio being a lot more personal than online streaming. It's going on my link list for sure
omniafui 1 year ago

thank you, I appreciate your comment! I love your site, very organized and easy to navigate, bravo!

your site is fantastic. it inspires me to try playing with form a bit more. & your blog post about bookmarks really resonated with me
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omniafui 1 year ago

thank you! i really appreciate you reaching out, sometimes I am not aware of people actually visiting my site so this feedback came to me as a very cool reminder that im visible. I like your site too, quite pleasant for them eyes.

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