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moving over to !! made the mistake of sharing this with my father and then realized i do not want him to see this hehe
what should i put on an about page??? i don't know what other people would even want to know about me???
ooeygooeypatooey 1 year ago

new blog post(s) (didn't post after writing one yesterday)!! and slight update to layout of some other pages, but not super important...

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your art is incredible!! and what a fun site:)
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pomelo 1 year ago

aww thank you so much ;_; <3

i'm in the process of changing a bunch of things abt the look of my site, which has perfect timing bc i've started and now it's not cohesive and i'm not going to have any time this weekend to work on it... so bear with me please... should have time to work on this again early next week...
ahhh everything about your site is so lovely!! (also i just can't get over the love letters page, that's golden)
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lazybones 1 year ago

Thank you :) It's nice to share them with others. I've been holding on to them for over a decade at this point.

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i just played your notes from bubble tea shop and it was so so so sweet!!! :)
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noodledesk 1 year ago

thank you so much :)) i hope to be able to make more of these little games!!

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