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Re: you writing like a teenager. I think I also write weird (it comes with the autism) so if anything we're both only slightly weird and we reach a middle ground
kinda-like-earth 15 minutes ago

Yeah and the world would be boring if people didn't write weird in their own little ways ;) For me I also think it comes from the tv-shows I grew up with and growing up on the internet :P

This might sound weird but I'm really happy to see a new entry ::) and your website looks so nice ::D but it's a website primarily for you so you shouldn't worry about what language you write in or anything like that, like there's no one you should feel like you need to write for
kinda-like-earth 3 weeks ago

Aw thanks! Yeah idk it somehow just feels weird to put something out there that people wouldn't understand. I guess I myself like the adventure of discovering small little windows of people's lives and thoughts on neocities. I wouldn't want my little place to be a dead-end in that way, if that makes sense ':D

kinda-like-earth 3 weeks ago

Btw I really like how you write, made me laugh (and also stressed me out because I realized I write like a teenager but I'm 26)

Thanks for the follow!
Hey! I read the chocolate story, I really liked it, thanks for writing it :)
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penrabbit 1 month ago

Thank you so much! I'll be writing more in the future!! :D

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