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Hiii I just saw your comment on my guestbook and it made my day!! I also commented on yours but I didn't answer your question - feel free to add my button, that makes me so happy!! If you want, I can link yours in my links page too!! ^^ your website is amazingggg :0
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honeydewmiku 1 month ago

oh yay!!!!! i'm so pleased that it made your day brighter!!!! that's so exciting we will have swapped buttons omg! when i first found it i showed off your website to my friends like "i'm going to do something like this for my ponies!!! look at this art too!! look at the cute layout!" so i'm terribly pleased you approve of my site teehee

your site is so cute!!!! i especially love the glimmer header and the background (racking my brain's encyclopedic knowledge of spyro 2 riptos rage to see if i know that level) :3c
honeydewmiku 1 month ago

ooo also i really like the vibe of woohoo.png (fursona comic)!! #slay

halcybutton 1 month ago

thank you!!! the level in the background is actually from spyro 3 haha, it's fireworks factory! absolutely love the vibes and your art ^_^

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honeydewmiku 1 month ago

FIREWORKS FACTORY thank you omg hehe!!

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hi!!! i really really like your madohomu art (and your other art for various fandoms I do not really know!!) thank you for sharing your work :D
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honeydewmiku 1 month ago

omfg and the miku art of course!!!!

nekromant 1 month ago

ooo tysm for viewing! madohomu is one of my fav pairtings to draw :D your website layout is adorable

honeydewmiku 1 month ago

guy who made a mini flipbook for their pokemon cards !

eeeee i love your website!!! your pokemon shrine is so charming and full of love, and the pride flags made of sprites are adorable, and the pokemon sprite edits are so cool, and thank you for sharing your site with the world!
shinyexe 2 months ago

OMG thank you so so much! it makes me so happy that you love my site so much! ^_^

your website is so cool!!!! i'm very excited to see how you keep developing it!! also we are almost doppelgangers in so many ways but especially loving our wifes and stardew :3c
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puppyluv 2 months ago

eeee thank u!!!! i love ur site too!! shoutout to our wives fr! >:3c

i'm not sure how often you check your mail, but you've got a message waiting for you! :3
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strawberryreverie 2 months ago

Just replied to you! ♥

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