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@ people who have website buttons on here, do you make them in photoshop or is there a website that is useful for making them :o
grossgirl94 4 years ago

you can make them in almost any program, even paint. personally, i use a ye old program called photofilter because ive used it since i was making avril lavigne blends for piczo hahaa

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grossgirl94 4 years ago

with that being said, i would be happy to make you some if it's easier!

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kumaclick 4 years ago

I used Photopea, and its pretty good. Other sites I could think of are Sumopaint and Pixlr Editor.

kakashi 4 years ago

@violetbelly oooh ok nice >:,D!! and omg thank you for offering ;O; <3 for now i will try to give it my best shot and see how it turns out haha >:,3 <3

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kakashi 4 years ago

@kumaclick oooh cool i will check those out, thank you!! :,D <3

dann 4 years ago

I usually grab the original Netscape Now button, and fill in the center with the usual grey color. Then go from there in Photoshop (or Paint Shop Pro back in the day)

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kakashi 4 years ago

@dann oooh i see, that is a good idea! :D that grey color is iconic hahaha, thank you!

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