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arkmsworld 9 months ago

Nineteen! :O I surely would've guessed 30-35. lol

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biggulpsupreme 9 months ago

Really? Why's that? People say I come across as older IRL a lot too.

arkmsworld 9 months ago

Hmmm...You just seem very "together", self-assured, introspective... Your interests/ things you write about like building a cabana, growing a pumpkin patch, paramotoring... The particular way you write/words you use. I dunno, your energy just feels very "solid" to me, not frenetically moving in 17 different angsty directions at the same time, haha. It's just not what I've typically seen from teenagers online.

arkmsworld 9 months ago

19 today seems alot younger than it used to be. Your "19" to me feels like 19 did back a few decades ago....older...if that makes any sense.

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