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Hey dude, you're still active? I found a new spyware program. It's called CDex. It rips songs from your CD's. It's spyware because it scans your DVD drive id and sends it to CDex servers. It also sends info about what songs you're ripping.
spyware 1 year ago

I am still active. I wrote a "stub article" on CDex so that I can add content into it once I have more information. You can see the stub article here: . How do you know that CDex does this? Do you have logs from MITMproxy, a statement by the creator, or a link to the part of the source code that sends this information, or something else?

yoshi295295 1 year ago

A friend of mine told me about it, and he gave me logs of the thing, but sadly they are lost since he hosted them on his site which is long dead and it was on a old skype convo on my old account that i can't access anymore.

yoshi295295 1 year ago

Plus i did download them once, but the files are on a old harddrive that died years ago and got thrown away.

spyware 1 year ago

OK, I will take the time to run it through MITMproxy in some time and see what comes up, and write about it in the article. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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