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added a garden post called "bedroom wall". just a silly little concept i wanted to play around with. click around for some easter eggs!!
ratanarchist 1 month ago

love the bedroom wall!! so cute. the avril lavigne poster spoke to me on a spiritual level

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hedgehogblog 1 month ago

thank you so much! :) i was just reading your zines the other day. big fan

oh! by the way, have you seen this?
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kabannoneko 2 months ago

Yeah I have! Also signed up for IFDB, but not the forums yet lol

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Hello fellow social media refugee! :3
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hedgehogblog 2 months ago

hi hi!! i really love the art style of your website. also, interactive fiction is so rad. we love finding a new rabbit hole to go down

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big site update!!!! things are really coming together

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