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just wanted to stop by and say your website is absolutely gorgeous and your layout is so nice aaahh!!
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dog-house 3 months ago

Thank you so much!! Im kind of starstruck rn because stumbling across ur site thru google at the start of the year is how i was introduced to neocities and what inspired me to start coding again !

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sadgrl 3 months ago

WHAAA really?? I'm honored!! Well hey, we're even then because finding your site inspired me to remake my layout from the ground up YET again!! But man am I getting some good CSS practice hehe <3

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your site is so fun and well-organized !!! i love the pixel art on your front page also. i'm adopting one of your dandylions once i get my pet page up lolol
dog-house 3 months ago

Thank you so much!! ;; and thanks for giving a nice home to a dandylion, your pets page is really cute so i'm sure he's livin the life in there

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