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Elysian Tunes RIP?? 😟
astrossoundhell 8 months ago

i told on my twitter that it is on a hiatus for some time, most likely forever. I don't care about that project anymore and don't want to spend my power on it, never was worth the game.

encounters-ltd 8 months ago

ok, i was (still am) a huge fan of your music, and i wish you the best in your next projects

astrossoundhell 8 months ago

you can take a look at - it's kind of specific, but you will find a some unannounced music stuff out there, made with my DIY synths.

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encounters-ltd 8 months ago

oh thanks for letting me know! :D

i really love how you give your aliases whole backstories and personalities, and are part of this big underlying narrative in your music; it really gives them depth and reason for being beyond just "look at the furry make the tune"
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astrossoundhell 9 months ago

thx <3 i need to fix up some bugs in existing stories and add the rest of the characters though. Gotta work on that.

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