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federiefederi 2 months ago

Hi, please consider supporting our neocities community project by giving us a follow... it would help a lot! thank you โค

Definitely love the spooky, punk vibes! From one fellow weirdo to another!
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glamourgoblin 13 minutes ago

Ah, thank you so much! Weirdo gang 5ever. <3

I love the creepy gifs! From, a fellow weirdo!
Hii! Iยดm also doing a page for my musical project, so Iยดm going to keep an eye on what you do! Good luck!
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trash-panda 3 months ago

I liked the song on your page! Hermit Crab's music, the best way I can describe is, is kind of like dance-rock with a groove. I play bass, and my partner plays sax & keys and sings! Hope to hear more from you! We will have updates for our band in the coming future.

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hello!! i saw you pop up in my activity and i wanted to say i'm very interested on what you have to share about your band! i wish you luck on your coding journey!
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trash-panda 3 months ago

I am the bass player for my band, Hermit Crab. I have a domain for that site but haven't started a lot on that website. So, I'm going to practice on this personal one. I hope we will have more updates. We have finished recording an album, but we are waiting on the final mix.

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trash-panda 3 months ago

I'm inspired by your journal entries, btw. I want to use this site for something along those lines. I hope to hear more from you! Your page is so cute! :3

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I am new to Neocities. I have stumbled upon this community trying to make a cool website for my band that isn't just the boring old website. I appreciate you sharing your resources!
owlroost 3 months ago

Welcome to Neocities! Good on you for making a website that's truly your own.

dylanjava 3 months ago

Welcome to Neocities!

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