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I've read your campus culture about sex, I really feel very sorry for you.
your layout is so cute and creative wow!!
i love ur art and the vibe of ur site!
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sixlightyears 2 hours ago

AW thank you so much!!<3

ugh ur site is EVERYTHING, its adorable <3
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interesting post about oppression and brain chemistry! i wonder if it's the same as the effect bullying has on brain chemistry, or if there's a measureable difference between oppression and bullying/hurt feelings
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love the hello kitty radio! i have the same one :)
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pastelhell 1 day ago

Thank you! I want one so bad. Your layout is awesome btw!

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i accidentally clicked on "art & story" thinking it was "about me" and i thought that you were dexter and this was autobiographical LMAO
that background image is so cute!
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