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Oof im so sorry you guys, last month has been rough for me. Not to mention I accidentally deleted a wip of that blog post i promised. I'll get back to updating soon, thanks for your patcience !
It was my birthday today ! Went to Busch Gardens and got to ride the newly opened Darkoaster! Loved it !!!
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arkmsworld 1 year ago

Happy birthday! Busch Gardens is a great place to go. The Loch Ness Monster is still one of my all time favs. :)

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rollercoaster 1 year ago

Thank you !! BGW is my fave park by far, and I always look forward to riding Nessie a couple times whenever I go !!

farfeather 12 months ago

happy late birthday! I love BGW

HEHE GOT TO MEET ONE OF MY MUTUALS ON HERE THIS LAST WEEKEND ! Blog post incoming this week or the next hopefully !
Going to FWA this weekend! Since it's right next to Six Flags Over Georgia, when I come back I'll be making a blog post about it!
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WOOO !!! FINALLY HAVE ALL THE NAVBAR PAGES LINKING SOMEWHERE ! I've been wanting to make that fuckin map since I started this site it was always just so daunting.
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amazing site !! i thoroughly enjoyed browsing it!
Oh my god I FINALLY finished that blog post I started weeks ago thank GOD

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