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i put your button on my site...twice!! can you put mine on yours?
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sweethard666 6 months ago

Absolutely will do! I'll add it with my next update! <3

thanks so much for following! your site is a huge inspiration for me. love your aesthetic and I'm jealous of your coding skills.
sweethard666 6 months ago

I am soooo in love with your website, everything is so on point! I Definitely don't be jealous of my coding skills, I have no idea what I'm doing most of the time :P

Hi! (I sent this as a guestbook message first, but then I figured it would be more direct to comment here) First of all, I love your site SO much, it is 100% aesthetic. My favorite part is your "chat" page. It's so fun! I started a Discord server as a space to chat about the ~old web~ and you have quite a few fans on there! I would be honored if you would like to check it out!!
sweethard666 6 months ago

You're way too kind, thank you!! Omg the chatroom is one of my faves too! It takes me back to a time an desktop where things were simpler...

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