goodbye, no use living with our sins...

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sckewi 3 months ago

Very sorry to hear about your Mother, I hope your Mother gets better and that you both will be okay.

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The codelifter has deleted the page without so much as an apology. I'm honestly so baffled; I thought this sort of stuff ended with Web 1.0's death. I don't know, man.
Hey, thank you for the follow and the link! 💜
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september 3 months ago

Why is it always outright blatant HTML-lifters who never have their email listed anywhere?

september 3 months ago

Folks, I have zero problems with anyone looking at my code to see how [x] is made, or what code they can leap from while making their own site, but this ain't it; it's taking the entire page, right down to the flippin' Javascript, and changing the text. That's not cool. :(

auzziejay 3 months ago

wtf? That's weird... what's the point? They didnt' even change all of the text!

bright-eyes 3 months ago

There are html generators that people can use to get a basic layout for their site before customising it and there are sites that offer blank templates that people can use so there is no need for taking people's sites. I list resources like that on my site to help people.

september 3 months ago

@bright-eyes -- precisely! And as I'm always saying, my code might not be 100% correct, so copypasting just perpetuates mistakes...

september 3 months ago

@auzziejay -- right? I'm so confused as to what they're trying to's not even that hard a layout to emulate, so. Confusion. All the confusion.

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