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jeremyredhead 5 years ago

sad to see your site gone, hope to (maybe) see it return some day. and, y'know, if you're dealing with stuff (burnout, depression, etc), that's okay: your health is important and should come first. and if not, well, I guess I'll wish you good luck in future endeavors and life!

Just FYI, Neocities recently changed their system, so that it only displays recently added/updated pages, not imgaes/css/whatever. And you can always delete your activity (doesn't affect actual uploads)
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why didn't update
almostsweet 7 years ago

Concerning your latest update... It's possible to delete your activity (I, too, do not like people seeing things out of context), so that no one sees it but you (unless they actually guess the exact URL).

Hello! Thank you for following me! I really wish I had something proper for you to look at :\ but one of these days, hopefully... yeah. *peace*
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Beautiful design!
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misti 7 years ago

Thank you!!

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