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Added those images on the backpack blog entry, totally didn't just forget or anything >>
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remiku 1 day ago

its awesome reading about the backpack setup, since im doing research for some stories that have a lot of travelling and hiking right now!

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dennogin 1 day ago

Glad you liked it! My novel focuses a lot about travelling too, I apply a lot of my hiking experience to it

Added some new things to the gallery and to the outlink section of my site :)
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dennogin 3 days ago

Added some stuff to the gallery, along with a section for photos and shitposts

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dennogin 4 days ago

New novel blog post, mostly filled with novel snippets (´• ω •`) ♡

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dennogin 1 week ago

Attempted a fix since I noticed images not loading near the bottom. Maybe lazy loading will fix it?

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