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You ever feel like you never have and never will really belong anywhere?
yesterwebring 2 months ago

Yes. Stop by the Yesterweb Discord server if you so choose, it's where the outcasts hang :)

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bright-eyes 2 months ago

Yep. Even in places where it looks like I belong, I still feel that.

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arkmsworld 2 months ago

Yes, because I am The Wind. :) "I, like the lion, must remain in my place. While you like the wind will never know yours. "

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fragmentandreflect 2 months ago

I've always felt like I fit in everywhere and nowhere and have never felt rooted, I'm trying to build a home in my heart that comes with me everywhere I go..

Nobody told me that the dark night of the soul would be so...well, dark.
I wish hamsters were legal in Australia. :(
september 3 months ago

...I cannot remember posting this for the life of me.

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