september city ... {v3 flowers blossoming in midair}

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I need to update this silly thing, oh gosh 😵
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oh gosh. hitting 50,000 views with less than three hours left in the year? I have no idea why this delights my heart as it does, but there you go 💕 thank you so much, my favouritest Neokitties. I hope you all have a crazylovely new year!
arkmsworld 7 months ago

Happy New Year to you, my lovely! <3

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hey Rin, is it cool if I use your images (from the 2018 september project) on my site, with linkback and proper credits?
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september 7 months ago

Absolutely, go for it! And thank you kindly for asking first 💕

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september 7 months ago

Oh, wow. That is so cool! I'm so honoured to be a tiny part of your site. you have a wonderful new year, Red! <3

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Merry Christmas from the future, Neokitties <3
spacemako 7 months ago

Merry Christmas, Ms Rin September!

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