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holy crap your site super cool - genuinely feels like one of those kids sites in the 2000s that would have a bunch of silly lil' flash games
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arby 5 months ago

thank you so much !! definitely a big fan of those :)

(still can't post on my other account yet,,,,) Did I seriously make a whole headcanon to justify the existence of a hilariously outdated piece of official art? yeah
lapistoria 5 months ago

official art can be a very good basis for hcs, your so valid

ralts 5 months ago All this just to explain funny panda guy hanging out with funny giraffe and funny dancing blonde girl

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ralts 5 months ago

I have another silly headcanon that Johnny D sometimes gets recruited as an honorary member of the current lineup and he's jokingly like "WELCOME HOME CHEATER" whenever Wacky asks ;P

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Alright, my last remark was harsh, so I'll play nicer. I understand you are hurt and bitter. However, you are taking this the wrong way. The majority of the trans community just wants to exist without any issues. The majority of people with autism just want to live a happy and comfortble life. You are taking issues that you personally suffered with and weaponizing that. Your truama is no excuse to be a hateful person
ralts 5 months ago

There are people who will not be nice to people who those who want us to be hurt and frankly we have a reason to feel the way we do. We do not feel comfortable with people who disagree with us being usually that means we're beng told that our meer existence is harmful, which isn't the case. We just want the world to not shit on us.

ralts 5 months ago

You are lost. You are lost emotionally and you're on the way to make a very bad turn. If you take the time to listen to and understand people, then maybe you so't be so lost.

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