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Focusing on a different pop'n project than spritesheets. Don't expect updates
Why are people following me suddenly?? I'm super grateful!
WOW more poppun sites!!!!!!!!good to see
popn-backstage 1 year ago

Thank you!!! Feel free to suggest things~

Hello! Hi! Why are you following me/pos?? Thank you??? (actually, as first follower: got any suggestions as to which pop'n chara shows up on the thing??? no pressure)
dazedpancakes 1 year ago

OMG I COULDVE SWORN I HAD RESPONDED 😭😭😭 !! but i noticed ur site was popn themed and i am obsessed w / popn music ... ❤️ i usually follow sites that r relevant to my interests / look pretty

dazedpancakes 1 year ago

and as for the next character sheet UHHMM idrk!! there r a bunch i want so i cant rlly pick one ToT .. but thank u sm for the offer!! ur site is amazingly adorable!!

Finally got Nyami's sprites up. God damn my percentage jumped from like 0.1% to 4.7% in an instant. I'll be using one page for multiple characters in the future that have less spritesheets.
my site is actualy starting. now i gotta make the nyami spritesheets and have them coherant

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