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Twitter users who bitch about cards being too colorful are gonnaa shit themselves when they realize a lot of the popular pages here are like that too. Cope. Sorry you were raised on boring corporate bullshit lmao.
ralts 1 month ago

"I don't want to play an ARG to find ur age" bitch who actually does that. Same energy as assholes who think all silent films are girls about to get run over by a train.

ralts 1 month ago

The only bad thing I've seen with some card users is "mystery meat navigation" which is a web-design nono.

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bechnokid 1 month ago

"Mystery meat navigation"? I'm curious about that one!

sugarteara 1 month ago

"mystery meat" my navigation page slowly morphs into the ant with a sack on a stick

lapistoria 1 month ago

mystery meat navigation, you never know what you're gonna get (pray)

sorry i've been slow on updating my sites, been veryyy focused on art lmao
bechnokid 1 month ago

Take all the time you need! My updates have been mostly weekly nowadays lol

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