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Your art is incredible. Also, Ace Attorney?? I feel spoiled, it's so fucking good!!
your site and artwork is super cute!! i love your comic about wanting to sleep vs wanting to code,, a relatable predicament haha!! (thank you for the follow btw!)
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soyatoast 4 months ago

you're welcome! i love your minimalistic layout, and gotta handshake with you on the art for validation so much man!

sleepycrossing 4 months ago

finally, an update!! it's only been 2 months ^^;;; hehe

hello!! my pc broke last month and is still getting repaired, so no site updates from me for a bit! but re: art updates, i revamped some OCs and am also working on a portfolio projet! i think it will be fun to document these things, so hopefully later in the month i can update again!
sleepycrossing 6 months ago

new entry plus a bunch of art added to the gallery

sleepycrossing 7 months ago

long time no update!! i started playing baldur's gate 3 and it's taken over my life hahaha...

Oh wow your art is so gorgeous, your zine about strangers is so cool, I often wonder if I'm a recurring side character in peoples' commutes the way they are in mine.
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sleepycrossing 7 months ago

thank you so much, i'm happy you could relate hehe!! <3 (sorry for the late reply too!)

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i loved exploring your site!! the layout of the tumblr rpg piece is awesome too (and it was rlly interesting to read about!)
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joeysluna 8 months ago

thank you so much!! i love love your site too! i really like this idea of logging your journey in this way, and your art really is fantastic.

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