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i spent like an entire hour trying to figure out jscript / making it so that it swaps the content around on the button click and now my back hurts lol but it was worth it 👍
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THERES THE PAGE THAT I WANTED TO UPLOAD WITH THE REWORK I FINALLY FINISHED IT YAY :) also that's one step closer to the death of my toyhouse page--
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still working on the OC archive!! the overhaul is finished but i want to throw in a few new pages before i finally put it back up again. for now i've simply updated my gallery to include some works from june to september! check it out!
corru 1 year ago

i love the layout of this whole FEU area!! all the colors and little character sprites are so dope (noctura is my favorite)

i've noticed that people have been following me especially recently, so thanks! still have no clue how this works as a social media site, so please bear with me 🙇‍♂️
ninacti0n 1 year ago

Lol, you're very welcome! And don't worry! The joy of following others here is all about following their sites and projects' development! It's surprisingly interesting to see how people's pages evolve throughout time! ^^

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