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hi i linked your site because it is cool
jackthevulture 1 month ago

aw thank you! :D

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jackthevulture 3 months ago

Just some new paintings :)

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jackthevulture 4 months ago

Added some navigation links to my travel photos page. This'll make it easier to get around especially in the future when I add more.

damian-96 4 months ago

I made my own sky diary inspired by yours!! Made me realise exactly how many photos of the sky I've hoarded over the years lmao

3000 views! I wasnt sure anyone would visit my site when i made it, thank you so much!
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jackthevulture 4 months ago

Major Sky Diary update~! Lots of new images. I went through my photo albums and found so many lovely ones I hadn't uploaded yet.

damian-96 4 months ago

Oh my god I love the sky diary - I take so many pictures of the sky constantly, I just love looking at it. I love the idea of a Sky Diary network!

your art is so cool!! i love the dino pixels! :]
jackthevulture 4 months ago

Thank you so much! Your art is awesome!

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jackthevulture 4 months ago

New CAT bases! Have fun!

Your website is beautiful and all of your work is charming and delightful!
jackthevulture 4 months ago

Thank you so much! I love your sculptures!!

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