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Hey everyone !! This is tohar of mypillowfort and snals ^__^ A month ago I said Im working on a new site, and even though it isnt done, I thuoght id tell you guys what it is already!
snals 7 months ago

So as you already understood , it is mypillowfort dot neocities dot org :D !! I originally planned to only say it on this profile when Im done but this website took me like a year so XD yeah !! Id really appreciate it if you could go follow me there :P

snals 7 months ago

++ I have kind of a new little project there , go to the houses section on my new website! Might interest you :]]

snals 7 months ago

Thanks everyone so much for the support on this site! As the manifesto says, it'll stay up, just unupdated. Goodbye :)

juxtajuno 7 months ago

so excited!! i love your websites so much; you inspire me. ^w^

mypillowfort 7 months ago

juxtajuno Aww thanks !!! I love your site sm too :DDDD You seem really cool! I'm a sun taurus too ^__^

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