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how's everyone's first day in the new year? personally mine could be better but hey it is what it is and at least 2020 is in the past now.
onionroom 2 years ago

pretty uneventful, but thats how itll be for only a couple days until school knocks about. maybe i wanna rest for a little more, i bet everyone is thinking that!

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emptygod 2 years ago

@lurk-n-leech oh same here. I'm gonna spend my final days of winter break (that somehow went so quickly) doing very little. not like it's a bad thing though.

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dann 2 years ago

Still on break for another few days, enjoying them while they last.

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emptygod 2 years ago

@dann yeah, me too.

mtmra 2 years ago

it was ok i suppose, not too different from all the other days of winter break. i only have 2 classes so winter break hasn't even really felt like a break lol

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