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koinuko 8 months ago

hi gryph!! this was a surprise to see a new page, i couldnt sleep and checked Neocities and its a good thing I did to see your new page!! I read all of the ten things about everybody and it was so nice. i love gryph's website and it's one of my favorites. i was sad to see empty pages lately, i thought maybe gryph was gone forever, im glad thats not the case!!

koinuko 8 months ago

of course if gryph wants to take a break or leave thats ok too obviously, i hope you and the gyphons do what makes you feel happy and safe ^^ !!

neversaynever 8 months ago

GRYPH... THANK YOU... :-( I WAS SO WORRIED I THOUGHT YOU DELETED YOUR PAGES,, also YOU'RE TOO KIND.. you can always talk to me on mastodon! youre a good gryph friend, i hope you know how much you mean to all of us!

neversaynever 8 months ago

also about the dissapearing characters: ive been trying to fix them up so thats why they just poof away! also because i ruined my site by losing code woops but i'll bring it back! love you gryph!

soz Gryph's not in here . Gryph's depressed
neversaynever 9 months ago

aww, don't be glum gryph! gryph is awesome :-)) don't let gryph ever forget how awesome gryph is!

koinuko 9 months ago

we will be waiting for you when you're feeling better gryph! ❤️

onlinedevil 9 months ago

We love you, Gryph!


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