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Guys what do you think about my new UI design? guess what type of framework i used!
Update 1.0.1: - New UI Design!
jackomix 2 years ago

I wouldn't say it's just "1.0.1" that's like "1.1.0"

elementz 2 years ago

Well, technically the whole application build doesn't count as updates, plus this is just a pretty small update sooooo ya

anyone know lil pump? if so whats yer fav song and least fav?
boom boom boom 2018 guys!!!
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Also, quick question: What is your favorite element? Mine is phosphorus(15)
jackomix 2 years ago

Hydrogen since I see it a lot in a game I like to play sometimes.

Aye! I finished the project :D + I added an icon on the index.html tab!
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elementz 2 years ago

Update: At that time idk wat a "favicon" was so i essentially meant favicon

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