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So uh my next project is probably going to be a dog? cat? setosa-virginica-versicolor? etc.? classification based off images!
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elementz 1 year ago

explanation will come Soon ™

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fall3n 1 year ago

No explanation for this could come soon enough. Try not to wait 11 months on an update on this like certain youtubers though--

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Do you have a site button?
bluef00t 1 year ago

(Also- unrelated but I may as well point this out- your Countries link in the header doesn't work.)

Really like the graphics in the game you developed! :)
bluef00t 1 year ago

Thanks! It's been a while, and from what I recall I dashed them off while trying to get the guts of the game running.... but I think they turned out pretty neat and the polished look was definitely what caught the judges' eyes.

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{ elementz } was updated.
1 year ago
elementz 1 year ago

Fixed links and fixed the name of "loading.html", which was the elements of the periodic table facts v1, to "elements.html". If there are any issues with links, let me know.

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