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Hi! Would you consider adding my page to Silver Lake? Thank you!
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Please add my tool's site to Silicon Valley. Also, shameless plug: if you use soupault, you can easily add fully static (no JS) ToC to every district page, they are a bit hard to navigate without it. I can help you with using it if you are interested.
districts 1 week ago

You'll definitely be added next update! We thank you for the suggestion but are currently not looking to change the site. :)

soupault 4 days ago

Good you haven't made an update yet! There was no button for the website, but my friend made one:

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districts 3 days ago

We're sorry but we only list 88x31 buttons on districts - it's always been that way and we don't plan to change it, for the sake of simplicity and consistency. We can still list your site anyway, of course.

soupault 2 days ago

Oh, I missed that requirement. I can make a 88x31 version for sure.

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soupault 2 days ago

The 88x31 version is ready: Also, the reason I missed that requirment is that it's not stated anywhere. Please add it to the guidelines.

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districts 2 days ago

Thank you! We will add that next update, it hasn't really been stated anywhere due to the fact that 90% of site buttons are that size anyway but it really should’ve been in our FAQ.

A big thanks for 300 followers! 🎉 We're looking for sites to add to the next update daily. Thank you for your support!
In all curiosity, what would my website go to?
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encounters-ltd 1 week ago

im thinking either tokyo or stratford upon avon

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x-tremeproject 1 week ago

I thinking about that as well. Though I also thinking Tokyo, basically I am writing book based on Anime series

districts 1 week ago

Almost certainly Tokyo and possibly Stratford, seeing as your site is about writing and Japanese media! We usually prefer our listed sites to host their content on-site, rather than externally (i.e. deviantART) but seeing how many pages you have we can probably let that slide here.

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x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Thanks for replying! The reason of being somewhat Externally is because it more easier to post at dA and WattPad rather then code the entire chapter each by each and it would be very tiredsome. Also it would save some space as being non-supporter. I try to add more fun page for vistor to mess around and such.

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