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Hi Dann, your native counter tutorial was very helpful. I knew the API had the data but never knew how to implement it without knowing a lick of code. I get that it relies on as a proxy. Starting in February it broke and have to auth on their demo site, but it seems to work for 24 hours only. Can you recommend a native fix for this?
dann 1 year ago

I figured at some point that this would happen. Ill see if there is an alternate method. The cross browser security is a huge barrier however

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What's that manga in the background of your homepage?
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madville 1 year ago

It's an ad for Progear no Arashi, seen in a magazine.

burstintotreats 1 year ago

madville has a keen eye, but I have no idea how you managed to trace it back to a specific tweet :O enjoy the background while you can, it's going down soon™

otaking 1 year ago

Thank you madville! Even if not not a mango at least now I know what it is.

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