🌳a shrub dreams to grow into a forest🌳

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aschenmori 2 weeks ago

Still need to fix the splash page but look! The art page actually has art now! Woo!!!

aschenmori 2 weeks ago

also no one cares but i did have a few drawings during 2022... but they're mostly for the sytos page, so i din't put them there! :')

aschenmori 1 month ago

WOW THIS BECAME A LONG POST REALLY FAST anyway this is just me rambling about love (or my lack of understanding of it) so scroll along! ^u^

Hello!!! Your site is so cool, and I really like how there's a lot to look around! ALSO A FELLOW UTAU USER LET'S GOOOO 🎉 I've gone ahead and downloaded Sumi's ENG bank 'cause it's so cool and I wanna try out something with them, if it's okay with you 😃 Anyway that's all for now!!
runegod 3 weeks ago

Ah thank you so much for your comment, sorry for seeing it so late!! I really hope you enjoy using Sumi ENG, I'd love to see what you make !! Always nice meeting another UTAU user!

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Happy holidays, everyone! Also sorry for the lack ofnupdates recently, I was busy with college 😭 Hopefully I'll get to update soon! There's a lot I wanna share later on! 🎉
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hello! please listen to my new song! let me know what you think :D
aschenmori 2 months ago

yes it's 3 am. i'm going to bed as soon as i hit post on this thing, good night!

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