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hi~! thank you for coming by my profile and leaving me such a nice comment~ โ™ฅ ;w; (i couldn't seem to find a guestbook listed on your site, so i'll just reply here) so happy to hear you enjoyed my internet memoirs, especially the virtual pet ones! always nice to meet another person who grew up caring for digital critters...! :') your neopets page is super cute!!
mle-s-paint 8 months ago

Ahhhh so glad to hear, and thanks for the nice comment!! I need to get a guestbook... I've just been super lazy about it. Anyway, I hope you continue posting those memoirs. They're delightful to read!

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glad i saw your comment on my comment so coming over for a follow. "As you can see,I'm passionate for my hobbies back from the early 2000's." i hear you on this, early 2000s is my favourite and is where i'm drawing the inspiration for the asthetic for my home page :) have a great day
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