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Hi there! Thank you for the lovely comment, and for taking a look at my webzone! Love finding other Digimon and Fire Emblem nerds - I'd say those two are my favorites. Also, thanks for the tip on ModernNeo! I've been playing Leopets for a while, and tried a bit of Classic, so it's nice to see more popping up :) Also, love your website! The roleplayling/lore aspect is neat twist, and I really dig your art style
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Hey you! I am absolutely in love with your site. It gave me so so so so much joy to browse through. As a Fire Emblem and Digimon nerd, it is all deeply apreciated hahaha. Since you seem to be in love with pet sites as well, I would love to give you a nudge towards Moderneopets. Quite the wholesome community if you get this rush of nostalgia! I can't wait to explore your site, have a wonderful day. <3
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