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l-legomaster 10 months ago

Yep, the radio works again! Well, only the Daytime version for now at least. It takes a lot of time to find good .mp3 hosts! The NightRadio is gonna be my next target. After that, probably the dialog system.

l-legomaster 10 months ago

Yeah, mostly just alt text stuff. Man that chronology took a while! Probably gonna do the stamps page, then some other loose ends, then re-do the dialog system so it's more efficient.

l-legomaster 10 months ago

And now pretty much the entire site has Alt Text! (Animal crossing new leaf Woohoo! sound). Now all i want to do before making more pages is fix the radio, and then revamp the dialog system on the back-end. Thing are lookin' up milhouse!

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l-legomaster 1 year ago

Hark! Behold! I Have Returned! Why yes you're reading this correctly, i am back after a three-month hiatus. Well, back? I'm not gonna be updating THAT frequently now for the same reason i've been inactive. I've been busy, what can i say! From an entire mashup project to my EDU-ma-CATION [swish], IN OTHER WORDS- I've just had a lot to do! My plan now is to update the Alt Text for every page and then make new pages.

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