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11 months ago
bluef00t 11 months ago

look, I have made it a personal policy not to get in fights on the internet but I can't believe I just read an honest-to-god crisis actors theory on the coronavirus

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bluef00t 11 months ago

What slavery is: a human being considered property, the person's labor also being considered property, not being considered a full human being under the law. What ISN'T slavery (even though, sure, it sucks in its own right): not being allowed to leave your house, not being allowed to meet with others in person, fighting over toilet paper.

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bluef00t 11 months ago

Those things might be the effects of facism, if there was no medical precedent. (Which, uh, I'm going to go out on a limb and say there is.) But definitely not slavery.

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violetradd 11 months ago

ok this is incredibly stupid but the funniest thing to me is the whole “this doesn’t even look like the same guy” but... like dude just because you think all asians look alike doesn’t mean every picture of the same guy at a different angle is a crisis actor or some shit XDDDDD

rime 11 months ago

my 2 cents: the two photos are very different. the second photo is much higher quality and with a better light source, both of which would reveal details that may not be obvious or present at all in the first. as for the moles.. people just get those as they age. i know i've gotten numerous new spots within the last couple years. the lower quality of the first pic could mean it was taken some number of years ago.

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rime 11 months ago

also consider that the shape of his face may (appear to be) different because the photo is also taken at a different angle than the first, not to mention the ventilator strapped to him


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