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jalict 1 month ago

Am I tripping but did a whole bunch of articles (old ones?) just appear?

Hello, I mentioned your site here, My Latest Post: How to read markdown web pages. you can refer to this article to make your readers able to read your articles easily.
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simpleliving 1 month ago

Thanks for the inclusion. In the meantime I switched that extentsion to "Markdown Viewer Webext" - same effect, slightly different buttons to configure.

simpleliving was updated.
2 months ago
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moheb-rofail 2 months ago

Free or Paid: add to all you mentioned how person would deal with the free thing which contains profit for the organization, sometimes people think it's okay to be a source of profit for free to companies.

simpleliving 2 months ago

>"sometimes people think it's okay to be a source of profit for free to companies" ... That's why people should stay away from brand names like FB, Google and others as "providers" for their "free" Social Networks.

>Tablet Of course, I think analog is better but that's because it's low-tech, not because it's "minimal" by your definition. In fact, that's why I don't like "minimalism" as a word.
simpleliving 3 months ago

If I think better, I don't like the word "minimalism" either, LOL. It's too long, unnecessarily fancy, hard to pronounce and it's an 'ism'...I was considering changing the sitename a few times (any suggestions?). Yet looking for a better name to describe simplicity of the ideas I'm chasing..


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