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omg omg i just saw you followed me so i checked out your site and it fucking smacks dude. sorry i dont really have much on my site yet but i have this shitty webnovel im gonna post there its gonna be great YOUR ART SLAMS DUDE
ok ok fr idk how i haven't found your site. I know you commented on mine a while back but im only just now searching your name and finding you!! i love the aesthetic. def will be adding your button!
monar 9 months ago

Wow, thank you for the super nice comment! I'm so happy you've added my button to your site-- I'm definetly going to add yours to mine as well as soon as I get my next update up. :) Have a great day.

Big update. Added an about page, added an interests page with many links, this replaced the "favorites" page. I also fixed some text formatting on the interesting links page. The big big update im excited for is the change to my blog page. Now its properlly inlined on my site, rather than redirecting you to a seemingly different website. Theres also a comment section there. Feel free to comment - 1/2
sacredchoral 10 months ago

- and open discussions about what I've wrote. I'm curious on what you guys feel about topics i might write about there, and I wanna create a sense of communtiy through this way of communication!

ugh i love ur site...
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kalina-ann 10 months ago

thnk u pretty <3

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