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does anyone have any good CCS guides to use? the ones i have linked on my site are helpful, but i still dont have the hang of it, and i like to gather as many references as possible.
o.o sorry for the silence. coding is hard. SOBS and i dont have a lot of ideas of what to use this site for tbh, but since tumblrs not an option for me anymore, i shouldnt give up here. c:
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o_o i can speak... i can fight...
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brutalbunny 3 years ago

I POSTED IT TOO EARLY WAH i meant to add "sorry for the inactivity, im really struggling with this layout thing and im trying to find more resources to understand it" x_x

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seppy 3 years ago

velkommen!!! i'm glad to hear you can talk (it's like being freed from Neocities Jail) anyways i like your site alot and your art is great! good luck with finding layout resources and things :)

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brutalbunny 3 years ago

aww, i missed your reply- thanks beetletee! it means a lot to hear that! <3

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