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3 months ago
Okay errrhhh, the paid site thing isn't gonna work since the person who was supposed to be paying for the site keeps on delaying it and like I said in a reply, it probably wouldnt last...and guess what?? I was correct. I might just buy supporter
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4J's Place was updated.
9 months ago
To be honest I'm probably not gonna work on this anymore since I plan to make a new site on a paid website with a bunch of other friends./,/. basically neocities but between 5 different people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and less restricted.Sorry,.
encounters-ltd 9 months ago

its okay! keep us posted!

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4j3k 9 months ago

thing is though it might not go out as intended since things never really get finished or it doesn't ever really work out between us. to give you a perspective we had a drama about minecraft servers and shid.. kind of weird doe. :| but yeah ill keep you posted and ill try to keep this site updated as i dont just want it to die off.

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i like this website a lot

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